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With over 15 years of experience and a strong background in the printing industry, I have gained extensive knowledge and insight into both visual and tactile design.

Driven by a passion for professional growth, I pursued a Diploma in User Experience Design from BrainStation. This comprehensive program equipped me with the skills to conduct user research, develop wireframes and prototypes for user testing, incorporate feedback from users, and ultimately implement designs. Additionally, I am proficient in Webflow development, which enables me to create dynamic and responsive websites that offer exceptional user experiences.

For the past two years, I served as an in-house contract designer within a dynamic startup environment. During this time, I collaborated closely with multiple departments and undertook a wide variety of projects, including wireframing, rapid prototyping, developing design systems, creating marketing assets, and engaging in web development using Webflow.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I am a music producer and sound designer operating out of my home recording studio. I am also an avid snowboarder who seeks out the highest peaks and deepest snow for exhilarating runs down the slopes.